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Independent Commission for the Location of Victims Remains

An Coimisiún Neamhspleách um Aimsiú Taisí Íospartach

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‘The Disappeared’ Process Works: ICLVR

The recovery of the remains of Brendan Megraw shows that the process in place to find the Disappeared works, the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims Remains (ICLVR) has told families of the Disappeared.

Commissioners Sir Ken Bloomfield and Frank Murray were speaking at the WAVE Trauma Centre where families of the Disappeared had gathered to make an appeal for more information on the six outstanding cases.

Sir Ken who has been one of the Joint British/Irish Commissioners since the ICLVR was set up in 1999 said it is the practical manifestation of both Governments continued commitment to dealing with this dreadful part of our past and that while some will find it difficult, the Republican movement is also committed to finding a resolution.

Commenting on information from Republican sources Sir Ken said:

"Quite simply without it we would not have recovered ten of the sixteen Disappeared but we need more information on the outstanding cases to end the torment of those families"

Sir Ken emphasised that any information given to the ICLVR is held in strict confidence and can be used only for the purposes of the location and recovery of the remains of the Disappeared and will not be shared with any other state agency.

Sir Ken continued:

"I fully understand and share the frustration of the families who are still waiting. While progress can be painfully slowly at times we have a team of dedicated investigators and geophysicists and forensic archaeologists lead by Geoff Knupfer and Jon Hill who are world leaders in this work".

Commenting on the need for more information, Frank Murray said:

"Just over a year ago -September 2013- I was with some of the families here today at Oristown Bog at a ceremony at which Bishop Michael Smith led prayers for the Disappeared and appealed for information.

We were so close to where Brendan was found.

There were two aspects to that day that give me and I hope the families encouragement.

One was that over 100 local people came to Oristown Bog to show their support.

The second was that I said then that there was one of the Disappeared, Joe Lynskey, thought to be buried in the local area, about whom we had little information and no location.

The Commission is now starting preliminary work --at a very early stage I must emphasise- in relation to Joe Lynskey.

We are information led.

We do not carry out speculative searches.

But where we have information that is judged to be credible we will act on it.

Like Ken I completely understand the frustration of the families who have had to endure this pain for too many years.

But as the recovery of Brendan shows original information that did not produce a positive result is not necessarily wrong: it needs to be refined.

And that is why it is important to join the families to appeal for more information on the six outstanding cases".



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