2nd March 2015

The establishment of the Victims’ Remains Commission in 1999 was among the actions taken in the context of the Good Friday Agreement to acknowledge and address the suffering of the victims of violence as a necessary element of reconciliation.

The families of the Disappeared have had to bear a unique cruelty in not only having to face the loss of a loved one, but having been denied for so long information regarding the burial places of their loved ones.

The Irish and British Governments have supported the tireless work of the ICLVR over the years in task to locate the victims’ remains in order that they may be returned to their families to receive a decent burial. In that way the families will have a grave at which to grieve and to remember.

The Minister said: "The Government remains as strongly committed now to the humanitarian aim of locating the victims for their families as at the outset of the process, and I will continue to support the ongoing efforts to locate those victims who have yet to be found. 

I encourage anyone with information that could help to locate those still missing to give that information, in full confidence, to the ICLVR without delay.

The families of the missing victims have suffered enough. Out of common human decency, anyone who can help bring an end to that suffering should do so."


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