The Independent Commission for the Location of Victims Remains (ICLVR) has reported to the British and Irish Governments on its work to recover the bodies of the Disappeared.

Commissioners Sir Kenneth Bloomfield and Frank Murray confirmed to the two Governments that the current work programme of modern scientific investigations to follow up information received is on target to be completed before the end of next year.

They also called for further information in an effort to locate the remains of the Disappeared and confirmed that no excavations of sites would take place unless there is a good prospect of success.

Ken Bloomfield said: "Everything that can be done is being done to locate the bodies of the Disappeared.

Every possible lead and fresh piece of information is being investigated and areas, often of bogland or other difficult terrain, surveyed by a dedicated team who are committed to doing all they can to bring closure to the families and find the remains of their loved ones.

It is both disappointing and frustrating that this work has yet to yield positive results, but it will continue until we are satisfied that everything possible has been done to obtain information and act upon it."

Frank Murray said: "The Commission needs anyone with information about any of the cases of the Disappeared to contact the confidential telephone number or the PO Box address.

These are complicated and difficult investigations and fresh information is crucial. For example, the Commission currently has a map of a forest area close to Castleblayney which claims to know the whereabouts of the body of Gerry Evans.

We’re currently working on that and following it up but any additional information in this case would help us to fine tune our search and improve the chances of recovery.

Any new information received by the Commission could be the final piece in a jigsaw which helps our investigators locate the remains of a loved one."


Notes to Editors

The Disappeared confidential international telephone number is 00800-55585500. The PO Box address is ICLVR, PO Box 10827, Dublin 2

The Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains (ICLVR) was established in 1999 to take receipt of information on the whereabouts of the Disappeared and facilitate the location of victims’ remains.  The Commission cannot use any information it receives to bring about a prosecution. 

The full list of victims whom the IRA admitted to having killed and buried in unknown locations is –

Other cases include those of

On the morning that the ICLVR was set up, in May 1999, the remains of Eamon Molloy were left in a coffin in a graveyard in Faughart, County Louth.

The remains of Brian McKinney and John McClory were recovered in a site in Co. Monaghan.

The remains of Jean McConville were discovered by members of the public on Shelling Hill beach in Co. Louth in 2003.

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